One Invite

This last Sunday we launched an Easter Invitation: One Card. One Invite.
We know that Easter is one of the highest-attended services at churches across the nation. It is one of the greatest times for people to experience church, because the focus is on our faith’s foundation: the cross!
We will have hundreds of invites printed up and utilizing social media to get word out about the amazing service we will be having. BUT, who is that one person for you? A co-worker? A friend? A relative? A loved one? That ONE person whose life could be forever changed if they came with to church with you. Maybe you have already been praying for them or wanting to ask them to church.
Let’s do it! Together!
Over the next couple of weeks we will be banding together in prayer over these special, specific invites. We started a prayer wall where we are posting their names, praying at church services, and we will be hosting prayer meetings online. 
Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime? Ask God to put someone on your heart & for divine appointments!
Love you church fam!